Taurus Investigations, Professional Private Investigators

* Pre-relationship Investigations Taurus Investigations believes that individuals who enter into personal relationships are vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals who prey on the uninformed. With over 20 years of experience as an FBI Special Agent, Taurus Investigations is keenly aware that doctors, lawyers, executive secretaries, grocery store managers, people of all walks of life, and especially the elderly have been and continue to be victims of individuals who befriend with motive of self-enrichment. Taurus Investigations is aware of victims who have lost time, confidence, and hundreds of thousands of dollars due to impulsive and uninformed relationships. We can help you make those very important decisions about that new person in your life. Think about it. Know now what you may regret to find out later.

* Finding long lost loved ones/Missing Persons Our investigative skills have led us to other states in the Union where we have located persons of special interest for our clients. When one just has to know how a long lost love has faired or one just has to know if there is a chance to rekindle a lost relationship, one has to know where he or she is to begin to move on or find closure.

* Corporate Investigations Sometimes local police and federal agencies can't or won't act on the situation that is affecting you or your business. Are you or your clients being harassed? Threatened? Are there alternatives to civil or criminal actions? Taurus Investigations has performed old fashion "knock and talks." Where we find the source of your problem and deliver a face to face "cease and desist" notice. * Due Diligence Investigations/Research Is your firm growing? Thinking of making a business move in a foreign country? As a former diplomat and International Investigator, Taurus Investigations can perform due diligence investigations for your informed business decision. As a Crisis (Hostage) Negotiator, topics of security can also be address for the security of your staff and the health of your firm

* Crisis Negotiation - Foreign or Domestic The state of the world is harsh and it's no secret that people are kidnapped everyday for ransom; political reasons; and many other reasons in domestic and foreign environments. Taurus Investigations trained Crisis (Hostage) negotiators can assist your family and/or your firm with situation assessment, negotiation training, and if necessary crisis negotiation.

* Intellectual Property Rights Are you an inventor, writer, or artist? Has someone violated your rights to your copyright, patent, or trademark? Taurus Investigations can assist you.

* Criminal & Civil Investigations