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    Thank you for visiting the TAURUS INVESTIGATIONS website.

    We are a professional Private Investigations company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area of the United States. TAURUS INVESTIGATIONS is affiliated with other industry professionals formerly affiliated with local and federal law enforcement and the intelligence communities of the United States. We also have a sundry of foreign contacts and colleagues in and out of law enforcement and criminal intelligence work. Our collective years of hands on experience places us in a unique and sure footed position as a results oriented investigative resource.

    Our associates range from the ranks of savvy Street COPS to seasoned Special Agents and Intelligence Officers. The strength and backbone of our investigators is our ability to analyze cultures and human behavior when applying our skills to our police and intelligence work. We pride ourselves in getting the assignment done with the highest degree of professional demeanor.

    I challenge you to consider TAURUS INVESTIGATIONS for your investigative needs small or large. Allow us to analyze your need for private investigative services. TAURUS INVESTIGATIONS will aggressively work with you or your staff to meet your needs. Should your circumstances exceed the scope of our abilities we'll be glad to refer you to those in the industry who can and will work to solve your private investigation needs. Thank you.